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Women Empowerment

  • Awareness Workshop On:-Reproductive Health:- Menstrual Hygiene, Sexualy Transmitted Infections, Reproductive tract infections, HIV-AIDS awareness, Family planning.

  • Intensive Counselling on Health issues

  • Health Camps

  • Healthy Lifestyle Training

  • Creating Woman Entrepreneurs(Credit & Linkages, Technical Support, Marketing linkages)

A women is empowered when she feels, she is able to take autonomously decisions for herself, without earning the wrath of society around her. A crucial part of this is creating a safe atmosphere for women to utilise economic resources for the purpose of their health management, as well to have a say in the qualities of medical facilities they are entitled to.

At Vyomini, we ensure that women take their health seriously and give it prime importance, in order to further care for their families and social groups, something which many women take as an excuse for not taking care of their health.

Menstrual Health is an critical aspect of a women’s health and well-being and needs to be addressed with immediacy. Women undergo many forms of infections, diseases related to their uterine health but are ashamed or hesitant in reaching out for help. 

As we go about empowering the health of women, we are also providing them a means of livelihood as they engage in manufacturing sanitary health products.

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