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About Founder

Prachi Kaushik is the Founder & Director of VYOMINI SOCIAL FOUNDATION (VSF), based in Delhi, India. At the core of VYOMINI belief is that excluded and resource-poor communities can be revitalized through economic growth and social progress if the true potential of grassroots women entrepreneurs is realized and tapped.

Since 2008, Prachi working on various development issues and in 2017 she quit her government sector job and founded VYOMINI to build a robust ecosystem that enable women led entrepreneurship and leadership in emerging high impact sectors clean energy, agriculture and nutrition, health and sanitation.

VYOMINI inspires, educate and builds socially-minded women entrepreneurs who generate incomes, enhance women’s leadership, and create social impact and environmental gains within the marginal communities.

VYOMINI work, by choice is centered around low income climate threatened communities across 10 states in India. Since 2017, through VYOMINI, Prachi has empowered over 10,0000 grassroots women to solve problems through health awareness and revitalizing rural economies by entering into manufacturing sector.

After one decades plus, what drives Prachi’s work is the passion. The monumental need to empower women at the grassroots “perceived as vulnerable” into change makers especially in the most vulnerable and climate affected areas.

She earned an Master in Political Science and Human Rights from Delhi University and have more than a decade experience of community work.

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