About Vyomini

VYOMINI is a Social Organization working in India with focus women lead development. It has been established by women entrepreneurs in 2015 to address social, economic & environmental problems. We are creating eco-system for the women economic & social upliftment through financial inclusion, livelihood training, entrepreneurship development programs, marketing, trading and manufacturing activities.


We are committed to provide sustainable model to the society while keeping the theme "Woman First Prosperity for All". We strongly believe if women are keep at the forefront of development and if they get opportunities to participate in the development process then there is no point that sustainable development goal is not achieved.  


Women First Prosperity for all

Our Mission

Facilitate Economic & Social Empowerment of Women

What we do

Promote & Manufacture biodegradable &organic product like:-

  • Biodegradable Sanitary Pads & Diapers.

  • Jute Bags

  • Organic Vegetables

Capacity Building & Training:-

  •  Facilitate Economic & Social empowerment of Women.

  •  Provide Capacity building & knowledge development training to NGOs, CBOs,  SHGs.

  •  Financial Literacy

  •  Credit linkages & networking

  •  Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Design Thinking:-

We are working on the solutions of the Economic, Social and Environmental problems.

Thinking outside of the box can provide an innovative solution to a sticky problem. However , being Innovative can be a real Challenge as we naturally develop patterns of thinking that are modeled on the repetitive activities and commonly accessed knowledge we surround ourselves with.

We re using design thinking for the social & economic development of the women.


Head Office

40 Sultanpur Mazra,  Delhi

Pin code: 110086

Training Center

NSIC Technical Service Center, near Govind Puri Metro Station, Okhla Phase III New Delhi

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